Handler: Alice Nicholson

DOB: 05/08/1997

Date of Crossing: 08/20/2009

Titles: P1S, P1J, NAP, OJP, CGC, Open Superior Versatility, 1000 Lifetime Points, added Chances NATCH

Bio: Tye, a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, came to us by United Airlines on a warm September night in 1998 at the age of one year after being adopted from a rescue organization in Washington State.

Tye and I began our agility careers when she was five, and the two of us took classes and learned the skills needed for competition. She learned quickly and her goal was simply to please me! In that, she succeeded completely. She had a great work ethic; was a very good “weaver”, and she loved to jump! What more could you ask for???

(One funny moment in training was the night she first saw the back end of a Corgi and thought it was a rabbit! Needless to say, off she went to chase the “rabbit” with me in pursuit….she didn’t catch it!)

Tye’s titles with USDAA include P1S & P1J; with AKC, she earned NAP & OJP titles and a CGC. Although she never reached NATCH status with NADAC, she completed titles through and including Open Superior Versatility and 1000 lifetime points, with an added Chances NATCH thrown in.

A sweeter, more affectionate dog has not been created and she gave the softest of kisses! She was my heart dog and I miss her every day.