Team Building by Roger Coor

Okay most everyone has had a more relaxed, time with agility this summer, but no matter which venues you run the main Arizona season is not that far away.  It is time to start thinking about honing those skills.

Here is the challenge to get better as team and so just have more fun doing agility.  Starting this week, in addition to what you do or do not do for agility practice, add this to your schedule. Every day at minimum do three training moments.  Two should be at 1 to 3 minutes, no more, it should be very intense, get your dog animated just train a skill, but you want your dog to have animation, confidence, joy and speed.  Do whatever you have to do to get that.  Do one of these in the morning before you go to work and one when you get home.  The third, is to take your dog into an enclosed area, with just you and your dog with no other distractions, this can be in a small backyard, a family room, a bedroom, a bath or even a closet.  You need to be able to easily control your dog to bring him back to task if he is distracted.  In this session teach him new tricks and get him to focus on the task at hand.  Of course if you can do another 4 or 5 of 1 to 3 minutes sessions of practice on most days the better.  Most people have a contact board and weaves and a few jumps.  In these mini sessions, you can review, hone or learn just about everything.  Think quality of training with each session, frequent short intense sessions help quality, practicing less frequently with longer sessions where it becomes just a task without focus, trains most dogs to be really good at being mediocre and slow.

Anyway, it is just a thought.


Roger Coor


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