JCAC Show Responsibilities

JCAC Show Official Responsibilities


  1. Chief Ring Stewards (please read link for full details)– JCAC will offer Chief Ring Stewards one free entry for the day that they are a CRS.  If there are 2 CRS’s for a ring then they will split the entry amount. Chief ring stewards are discouraged from signing up to work additional classes at a trial so that she/he can concentrate on performing her/his duty. The CRS should make sure that all workers receive their jumping bucks punches and are knowledgeable about how to fulfill their position. They should also distribute lunch coupons to those who work three classes (minimum) at a NADAC show and two classes at an AKC show.
  2. Chief Course Builders – JCAC will offer Chief Course builders one free entry for the day that they are a CCB. Chief course builders should make sure that the four people who sign up to help them make a substantial contribution to setting the course.
  3. Show Secretary – JCAC will pay the show secretary #3.25 per dog per show for a two day show for both NADAC and AKC. The amount is increased to $5 per dog for a 3 day show.
  4. Show Chair- JCAC will offer one free entry. If the role is shared then half an entry each.
  5. Hospitality – JCAC will offer one free entry. This person is responsible for making sure the judges have any special items they might  need as well.
  6. Show workers  (Gate steward, scribe, timer, pole setters, chute straighteners, score keepers, etc.) JCAC will pay according to the current guidelines which are for a class that has 10 dogs or more=2 punches=$3.  Class under 10 dogs=1 punch=$1.50. There are new purple cards for NADAC that have $1.50 value per punch.  Worker can work up to a maximum of $50 per day. The jumping bucks can be used for class payments as well as show discounts.  Jumping bucks earned at the NADAC shows can only be used toward NADAC shows or classes.  Those earned at AKC shows can be used for classes as well as shows that that club.
  7. Course builders (who help the chief course builder). Four designated sign up spots will be posted on the worker sign up sheets for each trial. Those individuals who sign up are expected to help with each course change. They will receive five punches at the end of the day for their cards. ($15)
  8. The printed jumping bucks have no expiration date for use. They may be earned by both club members and non members. A person may use up to the full entry amount in jumping bucks toward a show entry, but still must pay a minimum of $45 toward the cost of each session of classes for a dog.
  9. Trailer Transport- JCAC will offer one free entry. The person is responsible for taking the trailer from the PATCH to the show site so it is there for set up and returning it to the PATCH at the end of the show. The trailer, when delivered back to the PATCH must be parked appropriately and have the security device on the trailer tongue reattached.