Handler: Wendy Hultsman

DOB: 02/25/1998

Date of Crossing: 08/24/2012

Titles:  NATCH 28, V-NATCH 13, MACH3, PACH, PAX,TQX, LAA Bronze, ADCH, APD, ATCH 12, NADAC Championships Winner 2001, 2005, 2008.

Bio: Dogs and people come into your life for different reasons. Racquette entered my life to share with me the ultimate in teamwork. She exited having amassed 50 agility championship titles and fans all over North America. Perhaps the most fitting memorial for her is what I wrote when I shared her passing…

Today my heart dog told me “she’ll see me again…another time, another place. I am weary…and I am ready to run free…to approach life again as I have for so many years….with vitality, spirit, and a “never say never” attitude. I am ready to soar, to let us all be free from pain and to put our collective efforts into recalling the so so many memories that gave us such a full, exciting life together.” She told me not to be sad, but to use that energy to help her brothers become all that they can be and the many other dogs whose path I will cross. She told me that we should never have regrets…because that causes sorrow…and she would rather I thought like a dog and lived in the moment…all the time…every day. So I told her, as we drove to the veterinary hospital this morning…that I would work very hard at doing that…although it isn’t always easy. She then told me that those things that we treasure most in life never do some easily…but they are the most meaningful and will help guide us forever. She and I have had an unbelievable journey over the past 14.5 years. I treasure every moment of it. I am not one to list accomplishments…those of you who have known us and have journied with us…at different times…know what a true treasure she was. So today she joins her older brothers Toby and Sam…as they wait for me. Her ashes will be mixed with mine someday…it was always going to be that way. Thank you to all who have come along on our journey…I am at peace…knowing that she did not lose a battle today….she is simply moving on to a different phase of her existence. RUN IN PEACE Racquette…