A Note from the President

A Note from the President:
The 2017-2018 Season is upon us, and we are entering our first week!! If you are like
me, the training hasn’t really stopped, and if you have been involved in the Mini-Trials
and Fun Runs at the Patch this summer, you have been in a training mode year-round.
Some of you have taken your skills out of town to trial in other states and venues other
than NADAC – good for you and good for your dog.
Training should be a little safer this season, as Sunburst Landscaping has renovated
the turf on both sides; north and south! In addition to that, Alex will be installing the
remainder of the LED lights which will include the parking lot, again a safety issue. We
also have new tunnels and tunnel bags, and some of the new bags are pink, so don’t be
surprised if you see some pink tunnel bags on the field this year!!!
Instructors don’t forget the instructor meeting at Billie’s on Sunday, October 22, 7:00.
You might pick up something new that is going on with the curriculum.
I just wanted to take a minute and wish you a fun, successful year with your dog. If I
can be of any help to you, please tell me and I’ll do my best to help.
As ever,


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