Our club is strictly run by the members, with all significant decisions being made by the members at monthly membership meetings. Membership in the club costs only $20 per year for an individual membership and $25 per year for a family membership. One of the benefits of membership is that classes are offered to club members at a reduced rate, down to as little as $40 per dog per session in exchange for working at our NADAC shows. Other benefits of membership include, priority in starting new dogs in beginners’ class, and a voice in running a fantastic agility club. After ten consecutive years of membership, members receive a pin and free lifetime membership.

Free NADAC patches for NADAC Regular titles are available to club members. If you are interested, you must provide Connie LaBuhn with the appropriate information, e-mail: Patches for all other non-regular titling classes may be purchased through Shelly Culver.

Click HERE to get the membership application form in PDF format.