Handler: Jessie Zamboni

DOB: 05/20/1995

Date of Crossing: 08/21/2007


Bio: Kodak started my love for agility. I used to take him to the barn where I boarded my horse and I would have him jump the horse fences. We had so much fun doing that, I wanted to try agility. A Malamute/Siberian may not be a mix that comes to mind for an agility dog, but he did it well! He and I had a very strong bond, and we loved to play on the agility field together. Q’s and titles were great, but it was having fun with each other that made agility with him special. Kodak was my heart dog, and while I have several other dogs whom are very special to me, there will never be another Kodak Moment. I will never forget my first partner, my first best friend. I will always love him with all my heart and soul.