Wendy Hultsman

Hi! I have been teaching for Jumping Chollas since 1996. In addition to teaching I was president of the club for 17 of those years. I started agility with my Golden Retriever Sam who certainly taught me to be humble! He was a tough dog to compete with and it took a year before we got our first Q! I soon discovered that I really liked Australian Shepherds. Racquette was my first Aussie and what a girl she was! Over her long career she amassed 50 agility championship titles (across three different agility venues) and won her height division at the NADAC Championships 3 times. I now have three Aussie sons, Qyette, a feisty bi-blue merle,  Phlash, a “spirit dog” to Racquette, and Odie…a little spit fire who sings his way around a course. Qye and Phlash have multiple Championship titles across the venues and Odie is following suit. I have taught almost all the levels but now coordinate the Monday night Advanced class and also teach advanced classes on Tuesday evening.

Alice Nicholson

I am an instructor for Jumping Chollas Agility Club.  This makes the 14th year I have been with the club and was elected President for the 2016-2017 year.  I have trained five dogs – an Aussie (Tye), a Catahoula (Libby), 2 Border Collies, (Spencer and Toby), a Lurcher (Scooter) and am working on a newbie, Border Collie (Haley).  Of the five dogs, Libby earned her NATCH at age 11; Spencer and Toby have both earned NATCH 5 and Versatility NATCH 5, and Toby achieved his MACH in April of 2016!  As an instructor I have taught Beginner I & II, Intermediate I & II, Novice and Advanced classes.  I am looking forward to a new year of helping our returning handlers and their dogs, and meeting some new ones.  See you at the Patch!!

Julie Harbo

I am an agility addict.  I mainly stay in the area to compete with my Kamikaze Kite and now my Singing Chicken!  I am constantly amazed at how the dogs read us and how much they are capable of learning if you take the time.  My girls and I love the challenge of a tough course and are always out there to try to conquer the course in style!  I usually instruct the advanced classes unless I have a young dog working her way through the levels.  I absolutely adore teaching and look forward to each and every class.

Roger Coor

I have trained for canine performance events since 1988, had instructed Obedience for 10 years and now have instructed Agility for 14 years. Have participated in and or have won at Championships in NADAC, AKC, and USDAA with multiple dogs. I recognize the similarities and differences between the two sports.  I have been on the AKC:USA FICA World Team twice with my dog Moso with some of the runs the fastest at the event.  For a period of time I was an Obedience Judge, for the past dozen years or so, I have been an Agility judge. I have given agility workshops all over the USA and Canada in the last 10 years.  Perhaps due to my unconventional “formal” training at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, I tend to think a lot out of the box including agility and address each dog on its own terms.  I believe happy confident dogs with focused relaxed handlers do better.  Just like people not all dogs think and react alike, it takes a sympathetic mind and eye to adapt to what works for different dogs. As a trainer or an instructor all I want to do is to bring out the best in a dog and handler, that is all I can control.

Ilyse Stern

Ilyse sternI am a 51 yr old Chicago transplant I am a lover of all dogs but especially labs. I am the Mom of 3. one black 14 year old female named Bebe…one 3 legged mixed male rescue named Jake, and my pride and joy Frango who is  a female 7 yr old chocolate lab.  She started competing in agility a bit less then three years ago. She just earned both her novice Triple superior title and novice versatility superior title. Last year I started the role of being the marketing director for Jumping Cholla’s and teaching the foundation class both of  which I really enjoy. I am also raising a service puppy for paws with a cause.  I have learned so much in agility in the last three years and just can’t wait to get out there to do more… yes a true addict has been born to the sport!


Amy Ballen

I have trained with Jumping Chollas since the fall of 1998.  My two older Keeshonds, Sonny and Beau, now retired, competed at the Elite level in NADAC and obtained MX and MXJ titles in  AKC.  I currently compete with Luke, Keeshond, and Raleigh, Sheltie, in AKC and NADAC.  Luke has earned his MX, MXJ and MXF AKC titles and is working toward his MACH.  He competes in NADAC at the Elite level. I have instructed the Intermediate II class and for the last 3 years instruct the Foundation class.

Yvette Cook

Hi, my name is Yvette Cook. I started training my first agility dog, Riley, in the fall of 2007. I became the club secretary in the summer of 2008 then started competing in the fall of 2008 with Riley.  In 2009 I got my 2nd agility dog, Roxie and started competing with her in the fall of 2010.  I and started instructing the Beginner I & II classes in the fall of 2009. I learn more and more each time I instruct and compete. I have been having a blast with agility and have met some great people that have become friends with many of them. In the summer of 2012, I stared training a new puppy, Ryot, and look forward to many more years of agility.

Monica Garrett

Hi, my name is Monica Garrett.  I have  three Miniature American Shepherds who are my team mates in this wonderful sport of agility.  There is Echo who is 5 years old, Midas who is 4 years old, and Pan who is two.  This season will be my 4th year training and trialing in agility.  And, my 3rd season teaching.  I help teach in Foundation and Relationship, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, and Intermediate 1.  I compete in AKC, USDAA, and some ASCA.  Before coming to agility I rode, trained, and showed reining horses for about 18 years, until they got to expensive to keep.  I have always had animals growing up on a ranch in Marana – down by Tucson – and been in a show ring of some sort.  I guess it’s in my blood.

Kelli Abramovich

Hello fellow dog lovers!  My name is Kelli Abramovich and I have been with Jumping Kelli Abramovich (1)Chollas since 2009.  I currently have a super cute, little black lab named Jazzy Fae.  Jazz has her AKC PACH!  She is my first agility dog and the first Master title I have put on a dog.  We also work in animal assisted therapy.  I teach high school for a living and have a Master’s degree in Education.  I love teaching and I love agility.  I am currently teaching foundations and intermediate one.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing my love of dog agility!

Cindy Mauller

My name is Cindy Mauller and I have been a member of JCAC for over 15 years. In this time I have trained and trialed  2 Australian Shepherds and also handled my daughter’s aussie. My main venues are NADAC, AKC and ASCA. My favorite classes to work with are the newbies. I enjoy working with the intermediate and novice dogs and handlers.

Ann Hammersly

I’ve been training with Jumping Chollas since 2002 and have been an instructor at the Intermediate and Advanced levels since 2007.  I’m a big believer in having a great time with my rescue dogs and that our dogs should know it when they’ve done something right!Hammersly photo for jcacMy veteran dog Bailey competes in NADAC and has earned multiple champion titles, as well as doing impressive work as a therapy dog with developmentally delayed high school students; my youngster Cody is having a lot of fun learning the sport with me.  In earlier days Tazzie was the dog who taught me agility and Casey was the one who taught me humility – or at least how to entertain the crowd!  In my less interesting life I am a retired physics and chemistry teacher and a consultant in science education/technology.  I always wished that teenagers were as trainable as canines!

Judy Weinstein

Judy Weinstein, retired Microbiologist.  Lived and trained in Colorado, Oregon, North Carolina, and now Arizona.  My furry family members have been Portuguese Water Dogs who I have trained and competed in Agility, Obedience, Tracking, and Water trials.  I have competed and titled in AKC, USDAA, and NADC agility.  I have taught the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses in agility.

Jeff Newman

Hi! I have been a member of Jumping Chollas since 2007. I started teaching foundation in 2008 and I have continued teaching all of the levels since. My passion for teaching is
foundation and advanced level classes. My dogs and I have attained multiple championships across venues like NADAC, AKC and USDAA. I have trained dogs with jump heights Jeff Newmanform 4” to 24” and I continue to compete in multiple venues. I have enjoyed attending seminars and classes to keep up with current training techniques. I have continued to be an active member of our club. I hope to share the knowledge that has been passed to me thru teaching people the joy and the connection they can attain with there dogs. I look forward to seeing the joy and smiles from people and their canine partners.

Becky Gilbert

My name is Becky Gilbert, and I’ve been with Jumping Chollas for over ten years. I love the connection that Agility gives me with my dogs, and I enjoy helping others with learning techniques and skills. I especially love working with Junior Handlers, and appreciate the support that Jumping Chollas offers to help young people learn the sport of Agility.  I’m primarily owned by Australian Shepherds, but have been known to train the occasional Corgi, rescue mutt, and yes, even a miniature poodle (shh, don’t tell the Aussies, I’ll never live it down). My motto has always been “What are the 6 key words to the question why are we here? TO HAVE FUN WITH OUR DOGS”, as the folks on this page can attest (I may have been redundant a time or three). You’ve entered a wonderful world of fun, community, fun, camaraderie, fun, competition, and of course FUN. If you keep with it, I’m sure we’ll meet down the road. :-)

Carol Ketcherside

I joined Jumping Chollas in 2007 when we moved to Phoenix from San Antonio, TX. I decided to try out agility in 1999, when I saw my 8-month-old puppy Rosie standing on top of the slide platform of my kids’ backyard swing-set. With Rosie’s help, I got hooked. At various times I have competed in AKC, USDAA and NADAC venues. I have had three Welsh Terriers in agility—Rosie, Dewi and Mori. Rosie has left us now, and Dewi is retired. Mori is my agility project at this time. I like to teach because it helps me learn. I love agility because you’ve never learned it all. There’s always a new technique to perfect and it’s a never ending challenge of building a team relationship with my dogs. I enjoy the people in Agility because it’s a community that is always willing to help others succeed, even though we are all competing with each other.

Billie Rosen

I have been involved in dog agility since 1990, coming into agility from a competition obedience background. I have competed extensively since that time in USDAA, AKC, and NADAC, including in the very first ever AKC agility trial and the second ever NADAC trial. My Border Terrier Kruz’n was the first dog ever to achieve 27 NATCHs in NADAC, and won her class at the NADAC Nationals twice. She also achieved her Lifetime Achievement Bronze, ADCH and PDCH in USDAA, and her MACH 5 and PACH in AKC. My current Border Terrier Klev’r currently has 25 NATCHs, 19 Versatility NATCHs, and an All Around NATCH, as well as her Lifetime Achievement Gold, ADCH and PDCH in USDAA, and 6 MACHs in AKC. My Border Terrier Book’n has a PACH in AKC, 6 NATCH’s and Versatility NATCH’s in NADAC, and her MAD in USDAA. And my young Border Terrier, Truk’n, is just starting to earn his titles. I and my dogs also compete in a number of other dog sports, including Nosework, Earthdog, and Rally.  In addition, I was the founder of Jumping Chollas Agility Club in Phoenix, Arizona, and have been its sole training director since founding the club in December 1993. I have taught agility since 1992, and I am the only person in the country to have competed in every NADAC Championships event.

Myra Judd

I have been living in Arizona, permanently , now for 13 years.  I have been teaching forMyra and Pic those years at both Jumping Chollas and for a time for Phoenix Field and Obedience.  I currently have 3 dogs, two Goldens, Picabo, who recently earned her PAX and Kate who is on her way.  I also have a 2 year old Border Collie, who has earned her Novice titles in both the ABHA and AKC herding venues.  In the past I have put both Obedience titles, tracking titles and agility titles on Standard Schnauzers and Goldens.  For the past few years I have been teaching the Thursday night beginner classes as well as the Wednesday morning advanced classes.  I really enjoy teaching and seeing the students enjoying their dogs and the game of agility.

Scott Bagger

I am retired from the Commercial Graphic Arts, Photography, and Website Design industry.  Working with dogs has been an amazing life experience. I have been training with Jumping Chollas, as well as instructing JCAC students for a several years and must Scott Baggeradmit that working with handlers and their K9 partners becomes a way of life. When competing in dog sports, there is no feeling like it. You can’t explain it to anyone; you have to live it to understand.  I teach Intermediate One, Two, and Three as well as a speciality class whereby we work with handlers who are having focus and over-reaction issues with their K9 partner. The goal is to help handlers understand the world from the dog’s point of view and become a connected team to successfully move ahead with agility training and become excited competitors. For me, the exhilarating aspect of this whole experience is watching our students hone their skills, become dedicated to the sport, and most importantly, have fun with their dog.

Linda Jacobs

Hi, I am Linda Jacobs retired Business Analyst. I have been a JCAC member for over 15 years.  I am also a member of Cactus State Miniature Schnauzer Club. I have had three champion miniature schnauzers run in agility. I have also competed in confirmation, obedience and rally.  Dillon, now retired, earned 2 AKC MACH and multiple NADAC Versatility NATCH titles.  I am an AKC Trial Secretary and assistant show equipment coordinator.  I have been an instructor for several years.  I like watching students when they connect with their dog and dance together as partners.

Sue Boe

One day back in 2000 my husband and I were walking our dogs in a local park when we came upon an agility trial. I had never seen anything like it before. I was mesmerized by the communication and relationship I was seeing between dog and handler. I was watching a dance were the dog/handler team flowed through an obstacle course, some at amazing speeds, with a connection I didn’t know was possible. I had to try it! That was 16 years ago.  This year I started training my fourth agility dog. My Aussie/mix (Pepper) sue-boeearned 3 NADAC NATCHs and her Elite All Around award before retiring from agility 2 years ago. I am currently training my two border collies (Ole and Dina). I have been a member of Jumping Chollas since 2000 and an instructor for the Foundation and Relationship class since 2009. I also took over the coordination for this class in 2014. I am so glad we went for that walk!

Lisa Shelton