Does JCAC sponsor training classes?

Yes, we have everything from puppy classes up through competition level.

When are classes held?

Look in the Club Info section under Classes for the current class schedule and links to class applications.

How much do classes cost?

Our class fees depend upon whether the student is a club member or not. (No one has to join the club to train with us.) Class sessions last eight weeks. Class costs for members is $80 and $90 for non-members. Also, to encourage people to work at our shows, we give members of the club credit at the rate of $5 per hour worked towards the price of their classes, down to as little as $40 per session. Class sessions begin in mid-September and end in mid-June.

Does JCAC have any training during the summer?

Yes, we have “Summer Fun Runs” open to our students every week during the summer. These fun runs emphasize the rules and strategies for the agility games, such as gamblers, jumpers, and snooker.

What benefits do you get for joining Jumping Chollas Agility Club?

Membership in the club costs only $20 per year for an individual membership and $25 per year for a family membership. Our club is strictly run by the members, with all significant decisions being made by the members at monthly membership meetings. We offer club members classes at a reduced rate, down to as little as $40 per dog per session in exchange for working at our NADAC shows. Club members also get certain priorities in signing up for classes.

Do I need to send a check with my application for Foundation Class?

Yes, but we do not cash the checks until after the first class you attend.

Will I receive a confirmation telling me I got in to class?

You will receive a confirmation indicating you have made it in to the Foundation class. It will include additional information about the class. After the Foundation class we do not send out written confirmations of class acceptance. You will receive a phone  call or email if you are not accepted into the class you sign up for.

How do I contact the training director?

The training director can be contacted via the Jumping Chollas Phone Message line: 602-439-2784.

Is there homework for classes:

Yes, many of the class levels have homework packets that compliment the lessons learned in class each week. When you attend your first class (Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2) you will receive a sheet that tells you how to access the homework from the JCAC website.

If I cannot make a class period in the Advanced Competition class can I just go to another class?

Please check with the training director about which classes have room to accommodate you for that week.

Besides classes and agility shows, what other activities does JCAC sponsor?

JCAC is very active, providing lots of opportunities to its students and members to participate in agility. Among club activities are:

  • Twice a year, we have an assembly line work day to build equipment at cost for our students.
  • We hold demonstrations for charity organizations, such as the Maricopa County Volunteer Center and the Arizona Humane Society to assist them in their money raising activities. We also provide demonstrations to local AKC All-Breed clubs at their shows.
  • We have an annual holiday party in December to allow club members and students to meet each other.
  • Every winter, we sponsor clinics and seminars with one of the finest agility trainers in the United States.¬†These seminars offer our students the opportunity to refine their skills and find innovative ways of solving problems. We also sponsor other seminars as time permits.