Handler: Andrea Ondreyco

DOB: 01/27/1997

Date of Crossing: 08/04/2008

Titles: MX, MXJ

Bio: She was known as Coco O when being called to the gate. After being obedient with Phoenix Field and Obedience Club, Coco moved on to Agility. Coco came to Jumping Chollas shy and a little timid. Her new love with the sport of Agility brought her confidence. She loved to run and jump. Our favorite command was FLY! And she would soar over the spread jumps at 24 to 26 inches. She smiled when she ran and would go anywhere and do anything when asked. Coco, the blonde GSD, went on to compete at 3 USDAA Nationals, AKC Nationals, and the GSD Nationals. Just short of her MACH, she has an ACL injury and went on to simply be the love of my life. She was and always will be my heart dog.