Handler: Katie DeFillips

DOB: 03/23/2002

Date of Crossing: 09/29/2011

Titles: NA, NAJ, CGC, NAC, NJC, TN-N

Bio: Coco’s spirit will always be in my heart. She was the first dog that I ever trained in agility, we were both learning at the same time. Coco could be stubborn at times and not want to make her A-Frame contact, pop out of the weave poles, and jump off the teeter, however, there were moments of brilliance when least expected. Together, we never made it very far past Novice, but we always had fun. Until the end, she accompanied Ginger and I to all of the trials and shared in all of the treats. Coco loved being groomed and her nickname soon became “The Crate Princess”, because she loved her crate. She also loved playing fetch, chasing birds, especially baby quail. and laying in my lap. Coco was a brave little girl when her mast cell tumor developed at just 6 ½ years old, and while she underwent chemotherapy. I was fortunate to have over three more years with her because of the great medical attention she received.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and all of the happy memories we shared.