Our Classes

Jumping Chollas is happy to offer classes for all levels of agility – from puppies and new adult dogs through competition classes, as well as classes for kids. Our club trains students to compete in NADAC, AKC, and USDAA agility venues(although no student is required to actually compete). Students generally work in small groups of from 3 to 5 students with an experienced instructor.  Please read our Class Policies.

All of our class sessions last 8 weeks, and we offer 4 sessions each year: late September or early October, late November or early December, February, and April. CLASS DATE DETAILS.

Class fees are $90 for non club members, $80 for club member’s 1st dog, $65 for club member’s 2nd and subsequent dogs, and $45 for Junior Handlers.

Our class line-up for the 8 week sessions is as follows:

Foundation and Relationship

For dogs just getting started in agility or for those who haven’t trained with Jumping Chollas for some time. This class focuses on the basic behaviors and tools which form the foundation for solid teamwork and obstacle performance. This is our required pre-requisite for starting in agility to introduce you to the skills which underlie our training methods and which will also prepare you for the NADAC Beginner Agility trial (you can earn your first qualifying scores toward the NADAC Beginner Agility Level 1 title in Week 8 of the Foundation class). Please sign up early because there is sometimes a waiting list for this class. You may register for the foundation class on-line.

Beginner I Class

For dogs just getting started in agility and who have completed the Foundation and Relationship class. To participate in our Beginner I class, dogs must first complete the Foundation and Relationship class. The Beginner I class will introduce you to training the contact obstacles, weave poles, jumps, and tunnels, as well as continuing work with the basic skills and tools that underlie handling, including stays (for start lines), recalls, and a release command. You will also start teaching the foundation for forward sends and rear crosses.

Beginner II Class

For dogs who have successfully completed the Beginner I or Puppy class. Beginner II class continues training of contact obstacles and weave poles, and introduces training for other obstacles including the tire and table. This class also introduces the team to distance handling skills and turns, and beginning of sequencing several obstacles. You will work toward running a short course by the end of this class session.

Intermediate I Class

For dogs who have successfully completed the Beginner II class, Junior Handler class, or Puppy class. Intermediate I class completes the basic training of obstacles, and begins focusing on handling, i.e. directing the dog through a course. This class will focus on teaching turns, jumping skills, obstacle sequencing, and rear crosses.

Intermediate II Class

For dogs who have successfully completed the Intermediate I class. Intermediate II class will focus on teaching handling tools such as wraps, and front and rear crosses. This class further concentrates on beginning distance skills and developing additional obstacle performance skills. You will also get experience running medium length course sequences.

Intermediate III Class

For dogs who have successfully completed the Intermediate II class. Intermediate III class will introduce you to some additional handling tools such as blind crosses, serpentines, sending to the
backside of jumps, and 270s. This class continues work on distance and obstacle performance skills.

Novice Class

For dogs who have successfully completed the Intermediate III class. The Novice class prepares you for the Advanced/Competition class, by focusing on how to use and apply the handling and performance skills and how to analyze a course sequence. The Novice class works the same exercises as the Advanced/Competition class in a simpler or shorter format.

Advanced/Competition Class

For dogs who have successfully completed the Novice Class. The Advanced/Competition class includes dogs at all levels of competition, and those who just want to perfect their skills but not
compete. You will work on learning more advanced skills, while polishing and further developing the foundation skills required in successfully running agility courses.

Distance Class

In order to keep the Distance classes at a reasonable size, we need to limit each of the classes to 8 dogs.  Admission to these classes will be with permission of the instructor and the club training director together.  Please don’t sign up unless you plan on attending all of the classes.  If you sign up for the Distance class, please put a note on your application for a second choice in case you don’t make it in.  For most dogs/handlers, we will try to admit you to the class for 2 sessions, then ask that you take another class for 2 sessions, so that we can try to accomodate everyone who wants to take the class.

Course Class

For dogs who have successfully completed the Novice class. The Wednesday evening class focuses on NADAC style courses. The Thursday morning class focuses on running courses from NADAC, ASCA, AKC and USDAA. You will work on courses analysis and performance.

Junior Handler Classes

There are two 16 week sessions each year.  The classes are held on Thursday evenings at 6:15 near 51st Avenue and Happy Valley Roads. Students must be at least 10 years old.  For more information contact Becky Gilbert at beckysewspecial@yahoo.com.

Puppy Class

Puppy classes meet once a week and run throughout the year on Monday and Tuesday nights and a weekday morning. Classes are geared for pups ages 5 – 7 months and are held near 91st Ave and Pinnacle Peak. After graduating from the 20 week program, students can enroll in the Beginner II class. Contact Amber at leapsnbounds22@gmail.com to sign up or if you have questions.

Additional Class Information:

Please send your class application to the address on the application (which varies according to which application you are sending). Please DO NOT send your membership application with your class application; the membership application with membership fee should only be sent to the address on the membership application.

Once a year (August-July) you must sign a Statement of Responsibility and Waiver of Liability form even if you are signing up on-line. Click here to sign the form electronically.

You should only use the on-line application if you ARE NOT using Jumping Bucks and if you submit your class fees via PayPal.

If you have questions about classes please use the following email addresses for more information:

Puppy Classes: Contact Amber Abbott for more information at leapsnbounds@cox.net or 602-481-9850.

All other classes: trainingdirector@jumpingchollas.com or 602-439-2784.