From the President

The holidays are over and 2018 has arrived. If you made any resolutions for the New
Year I hope some of them have to do with agility! “I want to improve my handling skills,”
“I want to volunteer more”, “I want to teach a class of agility”, and so on and on.
Jumping Chollas is a club with an ‘official’ number of 200 members. That’s not to say
they are all active, so we need each and every one of you to take a minute and think
about what you can do to help better this organization, and then take an active part in
doing that very thing!
Contact your club officers, our training director Billie Rosen, or any instructor you come
in contact with and ask how you can help. We need you.
In the meantime, please stay healthy and have a wonderful New Year!
Alice Nicholson
President, Jumping Chollas

A message from the press…


           Once in a while we need to be reminded of things we already know – like filling out your premium, and etiquette on the agility field. If you have been in agility for any time at all you know what to do and how to behave on and around the agility field, but sometimes we do forget. Here is a quick guideline to help remember those things:


  • READ THE PREMIUM before filling it out, then fill out the premium and double check everything; spelling, monies, coupons and total amount. Make sure you include the money and coupons in the envelope.
  • When you get the confirmation, READ THE ENTIRE PAPER!! Make any corrections with the trial secretary before you reach the field.
  • When you arrive at the site and get set up, HELP others to set up the equipment. It takes a lot of people to make a trial work, and your help is needed.
  • Volunteer to help wherever you can!!! Pole setters and leash runners are always needed.
  • Be respectful of others, everyone working is a volunteer!!
  • When the “gate” is up, please remember to check in.
  • While waiting, please don’t crowd around the check in sheet.
  • Make sure you are in line 3-5 dogs before your name is called and go to the line as directed by the gate steward! Potty your dog early and often so as not to keep others waiting, especially in the winter with short daylight hours! J
  • At the end of the day, volunteer to help take down equipment – again it goes so much easier and faster with extra hands and YOU ARE NEEDED! Remember, you do get money ‘punches’ for helping out.
  • It goes without saying that you would pick up poop and trash, and hopefully leave the area cleaner than you found it!
  • Should you have a problem or complaint, see the Show Chair, the President, or lastly, the trial secretary.

Thank you for reading – see you on the agility field soon!

Alice Nicholson

President, JCAC



Team Building by Roger Coor

Okay most everyone has had a more relaxed, time with agility this summer, but no matter which venues you run the main Arizona season is not that far away.  It is time to start thinking about honing those skills.

Here is the challenge to get better as team and so just have more fun doing agility.  Starting this week, in addition to what you do or do not do for agility practice, add this to your schedule. Every day at minimum do three training moments.  Two should be at 1 to 3 minutes, no more, it should be very intense, get your dog animated just train a skill, but you want your dog to have animation, confidence, joy and speed.  Do whatever you have to do to get that.  Do one of these in the morning before you go to work and one when you get home.  The third, is to take your dog into an enclosed area, with just you and your dog with no other distractions, this can be in a small backyard, a family room, a bedroom, a bath or even a closet.  You need to be able to easily control your dog to bring him back to task if he is distracted.  In this session teach him new tricks and get him to focus on the task at hand.  Of course if you can do another 4 or 5 of 1 to 3 minutes sessions of practice on most days the better.  Most people have a contact board and weaves and a few jumps.  In these mini sessions, you can review, hone or learn just about everything.  Think quality of training with each session, frequent short intense sessions help quality, practicing less frequently with longer sessions where it becomes just a task without focus, trains most dogs to be really good at being mediocre and slow.

Anyway, it is just a thought.


Roger Coor


JCAC is going GREEN!

Jumping Chollas Is Going Greener at Shows!

We all appreciate the hospitality tent at shows – the sweets, the salty snacks, the fruit and vegetables, and the drinks – but we have to admit that there’s an awful lot of waste generaJCAC bottleted by all of that packaging.  In order to reduce the amount of plastic used and discarded at our shows, starting with the JCAC NADAC  show October 9-11 water will be provided from clean, icy insulated jugs.  Exhibitors should plan to bring a bottle from home to refill at the show, or you can purchase one of the FABULOUS new Jumping Chollas bottles for only five dollars! Get your entries in to Ann Hammersly and enjoy a wonderful weekend of agility at Paradise Valley Park, with less guilt about the waste.


Your Dog on the Website

If you’ve explored the “About Us” menu on this site, you may have noticed the pages of Our Dogs and Memorial Photos. If you are a member of Jumping Chollas and your dog has competed with us, you can have your companion immortalized there are well. It’s a lovely way for us to get to know a bit more about those beautiful dogs we see at the trials and in classes.

The best pictures to choose are ones that are nearly square in format and show your dog using his or her agility skills. Use a picture that is clear, crop it to square, and save it in compressed format for email if you can.

Send it in an email to Wendy Wells at with accompanying information. For the Our Dogs page, all that is needed is your name and the dog’s name. For the Memorials page, include the dog’s birth date and crossing date as well as a brief biography/tribute to your canine companion.

And keep poking around on the JCAC for lots more great information about the club and about training your dogs!

Video Trials rock!

Jumping Chollas members have been doing VT (Video Tape) runs for a couple of years now, but Saturday June 6 was a little unusual.  Roger Coor, club member and NADAC judge extraordinaire, offered a mini-seminar on how to be successful working with your dog at a distance, and club members from Intro to Elite were eager to apply what they were learning.  After practicing on a course from an earlier show, the fifteen humans ran two Chances courses for possible submission to NADAC.

While there were several Qualifying runs and many happy dogs and handlers, two pairs in particular had reason to celebrate – Bailey the cocker spaniel who runs with Lisa Hanson and Bailey the All American who runs with Ann Hammersly each earned their first NATCH award!

If you would like to participate in VT runs, watch the Jumping Chollas list for dates, times, and which events will be run.  Everybody who comes needs to work to help set up and tear down the courses, change jump heights, and record the runs using tablets, phones, or video cameras.  Runs are open to all club members and the cost is only $5 per person to do the runs (instructors run for free).  It then costs $5 per run to submit each run to NADAC for evaluation.  Lisa and Ann would say that it’s money very well spent!


2015 NADAC Championships

If you are thinking about going to the NADAC Championships this year… All entry forms are due in early August.  If you are not a member of the NADAC forum ( here are the entry forms and premiums. There is a pre-show (for any dogs 18 months and older) on the Monday-Wednesday before the Championships. And then the Championships are Thursday through Sunday.
Information about how to qualify for the event is in the Premium. The entry forms are separate – team and individual. Entry for the pre-shows and the Champs are in the same document.
There is also a TEAM event for groups of three dogs.  It is loads of fun and a way to get some of your other dogs involved!  It is held on three of the days during the regular Champs.
For all those who are going to the Champs…regardless of what club you train with, we are having two NADAC Champs practices at the PATCH. Cost will be $5 per handler.