From the President

The holidays are over and 2018 has arrived. If you made any resolutions for the New
Year I hope some of them have to do with agility! “I want to improve my handling skills,”
“I want to volunteer more”, “I want to teach a class of agility”, and so on and on.
Jumping Chollas is a club with an ‘official’ number of 200 members. That’s not to say
they are all active, so we need each and every one of you to take a minute and think
about what you can do to help better this organization, and then take an active part in
doing that very thing!
Contact your club officers, our training director Billie Rosen, or any instructor you come
in contact with and ask how you can help. We need you.
In the meantime, please stay healthy and have a wonderful New Year!
Alice Nicholson
President, Jumping Chollas

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