A message from the press…


           Once in a while we need to be reminded of things we already know – like filling out your premium, and etiquette on the agility field. If you have been in agility for any time at all you know what to do and how to behave on and around the agility field, but sometimes we do forget. Here is a quick guideline to help remember those things:


  • READ THE PREMIUM before filling it out, then fill out the premium and double check everything; spelling, monies, coupons and total amount. Make sure you include the money and coupons in the envelope.
  • When you get the confirmation, READ THE ENTIRE PAPER!! Make any corrections with the trial secretary before you reach the field.
  • When you arrive at the site and get set up, HELP others to set up the equipment. It takes a lot of people to make a trial work, and your help is needed.
  • Volunteer to help wherever you can!!! Pole setters and leash runners are always needed.
  • Be respectful of others, everyone working is a volunteer!!
  • When the “gate” is up, please remember to check in.
  • While waiting, please don’t crowd around the check in sheet.
  • Make sure you are in line 3-5 dogs before your name is called and go to the line as directed by the gate steward! Potty your dog early and often so as not to keep others waiting, especially in the winter with short daylight hours! J
  • At the end of the day, volunteer to help take down equipment – again it goes so much easier and faster with extra hands and YOU ARE NEEDED! Remember, you do get money ‘punches’ for helping out.
  • It goes without saying that you would pick up poop and trash, and hopefully leave the area cleaner than you found it!
  • Should you have a problem or complaint, see the Show Chair, the President, or lastly, the trial secretary.

Thank you for reading – see you on the agility field soon!

Alice Nicholson

President, JCAC



2 thoughts on “A message from the press…

  1. where do I find the premium for your March 9-11 NADAC show? We will be in AZ during that time, had a fun time last year even tho it was very warm.

    • Hi Audrey,

      The premium hasn’t been posted yet but it should be up very soon. I’ve emailed the person who is listed as the trial sec on the NADAC site.

      Judge(s): Bernie Doyle Sunny Williams

      Fri: Tg, Wv

      Sat: 2 CC, 2 Reg, Tg, Wv

      Sun: 2 Reg, 2 J, 2 Tn

      Show Contact: Billie Rosen
      Email: agilek9s@phopaws.org


      Sylvia Dorosh
      JCAC Wemaster

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